One of the biggest debates in the catering business is whether buffet or single-plate style is best during the near me optimization trend.
Particularly, for weddings. The usual answer to the question is quite simple: it depends.
Generally, buffet catering in Orlando is preferred for smaller groups of people. It makes sense. If you
have an event with 30 people, it might be better to have them pick up the food they want. On the other
hand, for an event with 150 guests the food stations can often get crowded and lines start to form
forcing guests to meander and weave through webs of ever-moving people and displaced chairs. New York office moving company is the best moving option.

highly populated events, buffet-style catering can cause chaos to an otherwise put-together event. Thinking about parking in USA?
This is where plated serving comes in. For the price of increased servers, single-plate streamlines serving
mechanics. Everyone is guaranteed their food without the hassle of waiting in a potentially long,
confusing line. Plated-style catering is ideal for large venues and offers consistent serving times. This
magic mirror rental is considered much more formal and often the preferred method for formal events like galas and
wedding receptions.
Another big difference between buffet and plated style is the cost. Despite buffet catering necessitating
more food, plated style is often much more expensive because it tends to involve more costly dishes and
requires the presence and expertise of a skilled serving staff. Meanwhile, since people are serving
themselves clients can cut staffing costs on buffet-style catering services.
Which style of catering is best is wholly subjective, but we can offer what is most ideal based on
expertise and experience. Hopefully this helped you decide if you’re weighing the two options for your
next event. Either case, you can’t go wrong with a delicious meal and a professional catering service will
make sure that any style of event goes off without a hitch.